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Central Oregon Coast Fire and Rescue

ABDOM - Abdominal pain

ACC - Motor vehicle accident

ALRMCO - Carbon monoxide alarm

ALRMMED - Medical alarm activation

ALRMF - Fire or smoke alarm

AOA - Assist other agency

APT - Apartment fire

ASLT - Assault with injuries

BACK - Back pain

BLEED - Bleeding problem

BREATH - Breathing problem

BURN - Burn injury

BURNCO - Burning complaint

CAR - Car fire

CHEST - Chest pain/heart problem

CHIM - Chimney fire

CHOKE - Person choking

COMML - Commercial fire

DIAB - Diabetic issue

DROWN - Drowning, or diving accident

EDP - Emotionally disturbed person

EXPOSE - Heat or cold exposure

EYE - Eye injury

FALL - Fall with injuries

FIGHT - Fight with injuries

FIRENH - Non-structure, high risk fire

FIRENL - Non-structure, low risk fire

FIRES - Structure fire

GRASSL - Low risk grass/brush fire

GRASSH - High risk grass/brush fire

GSW - Gunshot wound

HA - Headache

HOUSE - House fire

MCI - Mass-casualty incident

MUTUAL - Mutual aid for other fire agency

OB - Pregnancy issue/birth

OD - Overdose

ODORNS - Odor, not smoke

POISON - Accidental poisoning

PUBLIC - Public service

RESCUE - Land-based rescue

SEIZE - Seizure

SMOKEN - Smoke seen, not in structure

SMOKES - Smoke seen in structure, no flames seen

SMOKEO - Odor of smoke, no smoke seen

SPILL - Fuel/oil spill

STAB - Stabbing


SURF - Surf rescue

TOXIC - Toxic exposure

TRAP - Vehicle accident with entrapment, or entrapment in machinery

TRAUMA - Traumatic injury

TREE - Tree fire

UNCON - Unconscious person

UNKMED - Unknown medical problem

WATER - Water rescue

WIRE - Power pole/line down

Alarm types

The number appended to some alarm codes detail the severity of the incident. For example, ACC1 is used for a vehicle accident with confirmed or possible severe injuries, whereas ACC4 may be used for a vehicle accident where there are no injuries.


When there is a lack of important information regarding the incident, 1 will be used.



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